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#222222 | Use for body text and as an accent.

#777777 | Use for headings, dark versions of the logo.

#e0e0e0 | Use for light uses of the logo, backgrounds.


Use H1 only one time on a web page or document for the Title

Use H2 for other titles on a web pagee or document

If you have subtitles, H3 is what you need

And if you need to go one step further, go for H4

Logo Font is Days Pro

Heading Fonts for web & print should be Days Pro

Body Font for web & print should be Open Sans Regular

Find Days Here

Find Open Sans Here


Short Message

Your Ideas Made Real

Medium Message

Your ideas made real with mechanical applications, software integration, made ready to launch in your business or market.

Long Message

There are many places for entrepreneurs to look to for mentorship, business advisement, sales, marketing, and even technology. But there is a gap when it comes to the electronic and mechanical development that is critical in product development or software integration. If you do seek that out, the companies that offer it are large are require budgets that are unapproachable for many businesses.

Oklahoma Robotics wants to fill that gap with consultation and engineering services for entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking to improve a mechanical or electronic process, or product development that goes beyond software. Working with our team we can provide you:

Consultation Services

• Product Development

• Electronic & Circuitry Design

• Mechanical Solutions

• Software Development

• Engineering

Access to a Skilled Team


• Circuit Board Design

• Electrical Design & Engineering

• Prototype Development &


• Software Development & Design