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Last week my 10th published article was released to the world of the internet.  This is pretty exciting news for me as this was the first year I had pitched a couple editors and was welcomed to contribute articles for their online publications. It is part of my PR strategy for this client. But it got me to thinking, what else have I done in 2018?  I primarily work for the one client, but I have a few other projects and clients I work with to fill in hours, because nothing is worse than a bored creative!  In fact, the bulk of 2018’s videos were for these other projects.

So here’s a recap of 2018 at eletelephant, and if you know my career, you’ll see a bit of a shift away from web design and more involvement with b2b marketing and communication.

So, if you have a quick turn project, give me a shout! I’m looking for a few good projects for 2019, oh, and I’ll bring my camera!