I run. Well, it is a mix of running, walking, and doing both of those rather slowly. I know very well it is not a graceful sight, but hey, you do what you have to do, and I can think of worse ways to deal with stress (I know some of you still aren’t convinced).

So when you’re out there running, you can’t go by what you feel like doing, it won’t get you very far, literally. Our brains get in the way of the process, because they are designed to look for efficiency and ease. This is amazing for innovation, not so much for getting your lazy bum out the door.

To be a better runner there has to be something that pushes you: an app, timed intervals, a training plan, or being chased by a bear. For me it is mailboxes. I will pick something in the distance to run towards, and very often that is a neighbor’s mailbox. You keep your eyes looking forward and not down at your feet counting every single step. You don’t stop until your foot has gone past that point no matter if your brain says you can’t or your lungs are screaming for oxygen, because more often than not your brain is lying to you about what your body is capable of doing. You simply keep those legs of yours going.

So it is with big things, set your goal in the distance. Be realistic, you have to do big things bite by bite. Once your goal is set, keep your eyes looking forward and don’t stop. Don’t get stuck in the details. Keep your eyes looking towards that mailbox.

Of all the people I know that get stuck counting every single step is my own self! I’m still figuring out how to keep my eyes on the goal and not down at all the steps it will take to get there, because that is when discouragement and panic starts to set in. I have found that good books, podcasts, and brainstorming keep my eyes on the big picture.

What’s your mailbox? What gives you perspective to keep yourself moving forward? For this upcoming year, let’s all pick out our mailbox and get to running.  I think we will all be surprised at the distance that will be covered.