Making Your Brand Successful with Creativity

You are wanting to grow your business and know how critical it is for your brand to be portrayed with high quality media and a clear message. Maybe you need a little extra help with your creative or some fresh ideas for your brand… and that is exactly what eletelephant is here for!

We are a creative marketing studio that work with brands that have a local, national, and international footprint with creative marketing pieces and strategy. We are always looking for the different approach and provide high quality work to help your brand succeed and stand out from the crowd.

Photography / Videography


Web Development

Graphics & Branding


Creative Strategy


It all started with a poem that I fell in love with as a kid, Eletelephony. It had pachyderms and wordplay, two things I loved then and now.

A little quirkiness backed by creativity in marketing and design is what I pass on to the companies I work with… that maybe the secret sauce to making a brand unforgetable is found in a crazy word like eletelephant.

Amber Parrow
Founder & Creative Director

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